Coming from a family of women who love sewing and crafts such as crochet and embroidery, which has been a great influence on her life since her childhood.

Since her beginnings in fashion, Shirley Krifter has enjoyed creating pieces with refined lines, fine materials and perfect notches. Always focused on achieving perfection in each piece as she adapts them to each of her clients.

Lover of beauty, nature, and always paying attention to small details, SHIRLEY has distinguished herself for her elegance.
The Austrian-Puerto Rican designer, who has studied formal fashion design in Miami and San Juan, has dedicated her career to creating pieces commissioned by her clients.

After several years, the idea arises from her own need to create a "ready to wear" brand and after an exhaustive study of the market Krifter has created an extremely exquisite line with timeless, interchangeable, unique, and elegant clothing pieces to please her clientele.

Through her pieces she captures her impeccable taste and construction in which her feminine essence that characterizes her stands out.


SK is a designer fashion brand, dedicated to creating timeless womenswear pieces in the casual-chic category. Because of this, our brand reflects romanticism, beauty, simplicity and contemporary elegance. With delicate touches of femininity, a minimalist, refined and luxurious graphic aesthetic is formed.

Using nature’s lines, shapes, colors, and textures as inspiration for our creations, we can reflect the curved lines of an orchid with curly sleeves, the greenery of the palm grove in silk or the fluidity of water in chiffon.

Because nature is our point of inspiration, we want to take care of it in the same way it has taken care of us, and that is why Shirley Krifter is a sustainable brand that uses renewable energy for its production in addition to natural fiber fabrics.